Kennedy Vintners Wines

We produce special wines, so work in the vineyard is focused on unravelling the intricate differences within the site. Our viticulture is tailored to growing fruit that is flavoursome, structured and balanced. We decided to work with winemaker, Sandro Mosele, because of his site-driven philosophy. Our site was carefully chosen, we pride ourselves on the quality of our fruit and look to our winemaker to gently craft it into wine.


We invite you to experience our wine


Vintage Update

December 15, 2013

Vintage 2013 was reasonably uneventful; weather was quite stable after a wet harvest in 2012. Always the first call of quality control, pruning was started on June 6, 2012. Pruning is important for spur and bud numbers,which defines crop levels and quality of fruit. Kennedy Vintners has caned-pruned vines for their premium wines,so selection of canes to be wrapped is essential during the pruning process. Bud burst arrived in early September; this was very even ensuring a good start to the growing season. First flowers followed in mid-November and finally veraison in early January. Now it was just a matter of keeping vines happy with minimal watering to keep the leaves functioning for the complete ripening process. Late January saw the arrival of the...

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