Vintage Update

Vintage 2013 was reasonably uneventful; weather was quite stable after a wet harvest in 2012. Always the first call of quality control, pruning was started on June 6, 2012. Pruning is important for spur and bud numbers,which defines crop levels and quality of fruit. Kennedy Vintners has caned-pruned vines for their premium wines,so selection of canes to be wrapped is essential during the pruning process. Bud burst arrived in early September; this was very even ensuring a good start to the growing season. First flowers followed in mid-November and finally veraison in early January. Now it was just a matter of keeping vines happy with minimal watering to keep the leaves functioning for the complete ripening process. Late January saw the arrival of the winemakers to see what was produced for them to craft their wines. The weather was consistently warm so handpicking for Kennedy Wines was undertaken on   February 22, 2013.

Once the picking was completed the vines were rewarded with thorough watering and a little fertiliser to be ready for the next vintage. 2013 will produce some stunning wines.

Vintage 2014 . This vintage commenced with cold weather. During pruning heavy frosts greeted the pruners daily when they began work at 7:30am. Pruning was over very quickly this year mainly because of a bigger team, but also because of some very skilled pruners. Bud burst was slightly uneven because of the cold weather in September and October, which even produced two late frosts. These frosts caused damage to some vineyards in the area; however no damage was seen at the Kennedy vineyard.

The season is ticking along nicely now, the vines are healthy and fruit set is good. Foliage wires have been lifted, mid rows slashed, winemakers have had their first visit and Christmas is around the corner. The vineyard is all set for a great 2014 vintage.


Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy