Kennedy Vintners vintage update 2019


Vintage 2019

Firstly, a big happy New Year from the Kennedy Family. We were able to take a small break over the festive season and we hope you were able to do the same. Somehow it's late January, which means we're busy in the vineyard monitoring the grapes as they come close to maturity.

The weather was kind in early spring with a nice run of gentle, warm days resulting in good flowering and a sound fruit set. The recent spell of hot weather throughout Central Victoria has been a challenge for many grape growers, especially following a dry winter and spring. Fortunately for the Heathcote region, we had several good downpours of rain throughout December to keep the vines fresh throughout their major growth phase.

Thankfully, we also have access to a reliable water source and can give the vines regular, small waterings keeping the deep, rocky top-soils moist and the canopies healthy. This allows the vines to ripen the grapes fully and protects the berries from sunburn. Our vines are carrying an average to slightly above average yield this year and bunches have formed full and tight. To date we are really happy with the quality of the fruit.

With a bit of luck we will have stable weather until vintage. We have our fingers crossed.

The Kennedys

Gerard Kennedy
Gerard Kennedy